This video was realized using the close-up shootings on the performer’s face, lit up by projecting on him audio reactive lights. The shootings were subsequently projected on and through materials and fluids of different nature with the aim of obtaining abstracts images through analog distortions.

In the Evening, a rendition of a classic from Big Bill Broonzy’s blues  repertoire; a dark inner voyage as the blues merges with drones and field recordings. In the Evening is the last track on El Torpe’s album “Movin’ On” out on Nomad Records in January 2012.

Direction and editing: harto (Silvio Mancini)
Camera operator and assistant: Daniele Mancini
Audio: El Torpe (Marco Albert)
Technical assistance and support:
otolab, Giovanni Franzoi, Luca Pertegato, Valentino Andruccioli,
Marco Migani, Damiano Bagli, Romina Giuliani